Visiting rules at coburg hospital remain strict

The regiomed association, to which coburg hospital belongs, points out that the following rules continue to apply: visiting hours are from 14.30 to 18.30 o'clock. Since the 7. August visitors are no longer allowed to wear their own mouth-nose coverings. Visitors receive an appropriate medical mouth-nose protection free of charge when registering at the entrance.

Visits to the intensive care unit and the IMC can only be made after consultation with the doctor. Visits to the covid 19 ward are possible only in special cases. Only one visitor per patient per day is allowed. The visitor is to be registered by name. The duration of the visit is limited to a maximum of one hour. The visitor is required to wear a medical mouth-nose protection. This will be handed out at the triage. The patient is also given a handout with the hygiene instructions.

Depending on the triage, the visitor may also be prohibited from entering. This is the case if the visitor has a fever or other covid 19 symptoms.

Mandatory masks on the market

The city of coburg points out that from saturday (15. August) there is again a duty to wear appropriate mouth-nose protection on the entire market. For some time now, it has only been necessary to wear a protective mask when queuing at a market stall. In the corridors between the stands you could walk around without protection. According to the new hygiene concept for markets of the state of bavaria, as of this saturday there is a general obligation to wear a mask during market activities at the market. Furthermore, the safety distance of 1.50 meters must be observed.

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