Tips for drivers at carnival

Tips for drivers at carnival

The way from Alaaf and Helau to Autsch can be short. In order to stay safe on the road during the foolish days, fools should consistently follow the rules.

Erfurt/Munich – no other Dino between Munich and Mainz Gonsenheim looks more originally in its rubber costume than you? Quite excellent. With it you stand with the parties with the carnival, Karneval or in the Fastnacht certainly in the center.

But if you don't want to get sidetracked on the way there or back home and be responsible for serious consequences, keep to the rules of the road even and especially when having fun. ACE, ADAC, AvD as well as the Deutsche Verkehrswacht give hints and tips.

Also for clowns and lizards applies: Keep an overview

This already begins with the journey to the celebration. Costumes like the opulent lizard outfit or clown shoes are not good for driving a car.

The costumes must not restrict vision, hearing or freedom of movement. If visibility is obstructed, a fine of 10 euros is possible. If there is an obstruction or endangerment, there may also be a violation of general due diligence and may result in a fine of between 20 and 35 euros.

Costume must not make face unrecognizable

Also, the face at the wheel should not be covered or veiled. The background to this is that you must remain identifiable for traffic monitoring purposes. Otherwise, a fine of 60 euros will be due.

But: "Not every costume is forbidden", says Felix Muller-Baumgarten. As long as the accessories reveal essential facial features, they are allowed. "This is usually still the case with face paint or clown nose," explains the ACE legal expert.

But bulky costumes and extensive masks are better packed in the trunk before the party and become a carnival attraction only on site. Alternatives are, for example, the public transport or a cab. Reliable sober pick-up persons from friends or family can also be organized in advance.

Drinking and driving is expensive and dangerous

Local transport or cabs are also safe means of transport of choice when it comes to alcohol. If you are caught driving with 0.5 to 1.09 per mille alcohol in your blood, you will have to dig deep into your pocket. Without further conspicuousness such drunkards then 500 euro fine, two points in Flensburg as well as a month driving prohibition are brought up.

In addition one endangers oneself and others thereby, in the worst case with deadly consequences. There is an absolute ban on alcohol for novice drivers in their probationary period and for everyone under the age of 21. Otherwise 250 Euro fine and one point will be due. In addition, a postgraduate seminar becomes mandatory and the probationary period is extended from two to four years.

Even with a relatively low blood alcohol level, a criminal offense can be committed

Criminal consequences can follow even before this. Driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol level of between 0.3 and 1.09 per mille in conjunction with so-called alcohol-typical signs of failure is considered a criminal offense.

This is the case if an accident occurs or in the case of conspicuous driving such as serpentine lines. This relative inability to drive is followed by fines, several months' suspension of the driver's license and three points. Even prison sentences with or without probation can threaten repeat offenders or alcohol-related accidents with personal injury, according to ADAC.

Absolute inability to drive with at least 1.1 promille

Absolute inability to drive is reached with 1.1 per mille and it is automatically a criminal offense. Without additional evidence being required, penalties and a driver's license suspension of several months as well as three points follow. Besides an MPU can be ordered. From 1.6 per mille the MPU is automatically prescribed, also with cyclists.

By the way, these values also apply to motorcyclists and users of electric scooters. For repeat offenders, the penalties imposed increase sharply.

Blue on the bike quickly goes to the eye

On the bike and pedelec, the absolute inability to drive is reached only with 1.6 per mille and is immediately considered a criminal offense with, according to the ADAC, mostly 30 daily fines. But also in this case a possibly existing driving license is in danger because of the MPU and there are two points. Also the wheel driving can be forbidden to one even completely.

However, as in the case of motor vehicles, there are already criminal consequences from 0.3 per mille, for example, when driving in a serpentine manner. The punishment range is set however smaller than with the car, so Mueller Baumgarten.

Drinking to the limit is not a good idea

All well and good, but you only want to have a beer or two? There are alcohol testers. Also not a good idea. Because there's a lot of information and sensory impressions to absorb and process behind the wheel. Sometimes you have to react in a split second.

According to the ADAC, this requires top physical and mental performance even when sober. Even small amounts of alcohol can have a negative effect on driving ability, for example with regard to concentration and perception. In addition, the willingness to take risks increases and the speed can be misjudged.

Please do not use a breathalyzer as a gauge

And how can one reliably determine the blood alcohol level?? Because the safety that breathalyzers for private use are supposed to offer is deceptive. "An inexpensive alcohol measuring device for a few euros by no means provides a reliable breath alcohol value," warns traffic psychologist Marie-Christin Perlich from Tuv Thuringen.

They may even encourage unintentional drunk driving because drivers lull themselves into a false sense of security with them. On the one hand, the measurement result can deviate greatly from the actual blood alcohol level due to the inaccuracy of the devices.

On the other hand, there is the danger of trying to "get drunk" to a certain limit. But values measured directly after consumption can be strongly falsified because of the time-delayed build-up of the alcohol level in the blood.

Danger also looms the morning after

Nevertheless, such breathalyzers could be useful. And the day after. Even if these are not comparable with the professional devices of the police, they can provide a clue, but only in the following sense: If the device still shows more than zero per mille, the vehicle should better stand still.

Although sleeping, drinking coffee or taking a shower may increase the feeling of well-being, they do not accelerate the reduction of residual alcohol, just like other supposed miracle cures. As a rough guide, the body only metabolizes around 0.1 per mille per hour. People also tolerate alcohol differently.

According to the ADAC, this depends on gender, height and weight, for example, and gives the following rough example: an 80-kilo man drinks four half-liters of beer and has around 1.00 o'clock theoretically a value of about 1.4 per mille. Thus, the 0.3 per mill limit would not be exceeded until around noon. So far the theory. In practice, however, alcohol consumption is also very individual and depends on many factors.

One thing is certain: if you stay up late drinking beer, schnapps and the like, you will certainly not be fit to drive again in the morning. Then even the most original dinos better walk or be driven.

Drinking and driving jeopardizes insurance coverage

Anyone who causes an accident while under the influence of alcohol not only has to live with the guilt and fear criminal consequences, but also gets into trouble with the insurance company.

Although the motor vehicle liability insurance covers the third-party damage caused. However, the insured can be taken into recourse, usually up to an amount of 5000 euros, according to ADAC.

In addition, any comprehensive insurance can reduce or even completely cancel the settlement of own damages depending on the degree of alcoholization. 

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