The lawyer as a trusted advisor – online or on site?

Globalization has brought some advantages, but also some pitfalls. Those who are looking for their lawyer are increasingly using the Internet and forgetting to limit the scope of the search. If you live in Landshut, it is best to contact a law firm in Landshut and not a lawyer somewhere in the republic. Many things need to be discussed in person, so being local is an advantage and prevents lengthy conversations over the phone or on the Internet.

Prior research on the Internet is helpful, but it should refer to locally based attorneys. Even though many law firms offer their services across state lines, personal contact and thus building a relationship of trust falls by the wayside. The best lawyer is local or can be reached with a short journey.

He has the highest level of competence in his field and also has an open ear for his clients outside of regular office hours and for urgent cases. Those who decide on the basis of these criteria will be well represented and can choose the right lawyer based on their needs and the problem at hand.

The lawyer as a trusted advisor - online or on site?

Important criteria for the lawyer search at a glance

In Germany, there are around 160.000 lawyers who have undergone the same training and ideally have specialized as a specialist lawyer. So what to look for when looking for a lawyer? It is a fact that the qualification of the lawyer plays an essential role. But the best qualified lawyer is of only limited use if he has located 000 kilometers away from your own place of residence. The local connection is an important point when looking for a lawyer and should be in focus besides looking at the specialization.

In order to proceed against a creditor or other legal "opponents" out of court or, if necessary, by legal proceedings, a local lawyer is always the best choice. In addition, there is the competence of the lawyer whom one entrusts with one's defense. You can get helpful information about this on the Internet and benefit, for example, from the reviews of previous clients. In the end, it is not the most advertised law firm, but the one best rated by clients that is the right choice.

When it comes to legal problems, only a specialist attorney can help

When looking for a lawyer, one should proceed according to the same principle as when looking for a craftsman. If the electrical system needs to be redone, no owner would trust a plumber with their request. When it comes to family law, a lawyer specializing in criminal law is an equally unfavorable choice. Therefore, another important consideration besides local search is the area of expertise in which you need a lawyer with know-how and industry experience. Those who proceed in this way can prevent faux pas and disappointment, and can be represented by a specialized lawyer from the region.

A very important point is of course the sympathy. A lawyer is entrusted with matters that are often not even discussed within the family circle. It is therefore all the more important to trust your legal advisor and to have a good feeling already during the first non-binding conversation. If this is the case, nothing stands in the way of a successful business relationship with the lawyer of one's choice.

Conclusion: Good and trustworthy – criteria when looking for a lawyer

In order to get justice, the lawyer must have experience and competence in his field of expertise. However, the best expertise is only an advantage if the client has complete trust in his lawyer.

Therefore, already in the search it is important to trust your gut feeling and make the decision for the right lawyer with heart and mind. Before choosing a lawyer, check out their qualifications and find out if they are close to your location.

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