The basics of car insurance

The basics of car insurance

Most people take their own car for granted. The young novice driver and the sprightly senior citizen agree that it's impossible to do without it. On the other hand, the level of knowledge around the drivable sheet metal varies: Some know where to put the ignition key in the lock – but that's about it. Others can pray about tire size, horsepower and acceleration torque of their bolide. But when it comes to car insurance, the expertise of most people ends abruptly. But it is worth taking a closer look.

The selected scope of insurance can quickly become outdated, the driver group must be adjusted or discount opportunities remain unused due to lack of knowledge. If you take some time to determine your insurance needs and compare different rates, for example with the help of a free car insurance calculator on the Internet, you will find inexpensive car insurance with a suitable range of benefits.

Motor vehicle liability: This is how much insurance cover is needed

The motto "less is more" also applies to motor vehicle liability insurance. This minimum insurance coverage is required by law for every vehicle owner. The insurance covers the costs of accidental damage to third parties. This can be personal injury as well as property damage and financial loss.

The legal "pain threshold" of the insurance is high: Injured persons receive after an accident caused by the insured person up to 7.5 million euros. A good one million euros is available for damaged cars per insurance claim. Property damage can be compensated with a maximum of 50.000 Euro claim. However, many insurance companies now cover insurance damage with a lump sum of a maximum of 100 million euros.

Scratches in the own sheet metal ironed out by the partial cover insurance

But who pays for scratches and dents on your own car?? Only a voluntary comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, which includes liability cover, provides cover in the event of damage to one's own car and is a sensible addition for new cars as well as high-value vehicles.

Partial coverage extends to damage to the car caused by fire, explosion, short circuits and broken glass. It is also available for damage caused by natural forces such as hail, storms, lightning and flooding. Encounters of the hairy kind are also insured. Even collisions with furred game are settled by a partial cover insurance without any problems. High-performance policies even cover collision damage with any kind of animal. If thieves steal the car or break it open, the insurance coverage also takes effect and the insured is compensated within the scope of the specified coverage amounts.

Comprehensive cover provides all-round protection

Comprehensive insurance offers an all-round carefree package. This vehicle protection covers virtually all traffic damages. In addition to the insurance benefits from the motor vehicle liability and partial cover, the insurance customer can rely on the fact that his insurance company also comprehensively settles all damages to his own car after a self-inflicted accident.

As if that weren't enough, so-called vandalism damage (e.g., side mirrors deliberately kicked off the vehicle) is paid for if the culprit or culprits cannot be identified. The same applies to hit-and-run damages. Well-known and annoying for most people in this context are the parking bumps in the supermarket parking lot. The small scratches do not usually endanger the road safety of the car, but they do look unsightly and reduce the value of the car. Comprehensive insurance therefore also covers the costs of such "cosmetic operations".

If the "waiver of objection to gross negligence" is preferred in return for a premium surcharge when the comprehensive insurance policy is taken out, the insurance will also pay if the policyholder causes damage to or with the car through gross negligence. However, damages in connection with alcohol and drug consumption are always excluded.

Useful aids on foreign journeys: Majorca policy and Kfz-Schutzbrief

Other optional insurance supplements that are useful additions to insurance coverage, especially for trips abroad, are the Mallorca policy and a motor vehicle protection letter. The former is limited to rental cars abroad and extends the often meager insurance coverage provided by the local rental company to the high coverage amounts common in Germany. A motor insurance policy, on the other hand, is comparable to the breakdown service of an automobile club and includes numerous assistance measures such as the recovery and return transport of the broken-down car and its occupants.

The insurance premium for the car is made up of various parameters. In addition to the engine power of the car, the model and the place of residence of the insured play a role in the calculation. In both cases, insurers rely on statistical values that reflect the frequency of accidents.

How to know: Discounts shrink the car insurance premium

As a motorist, you have only a limited influence on the above-mentioned factors. The situation is different when it comes to the numerous discount options. The experienced no-claims bonus (used for third-party liability and fully comprehensive insurance) and a deductible in the event of a claim can greatly reduce the annual premium for car insurance.

Further discounts are available, for example, for a restricted group of drivers, a garage parking space for the car, for certain occupational groups, for second vehicles, novice drivers, holders of a railcard and for few drivers.

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