Schuler played “peter and the wolf” in the gymnasium

Schuler played "peter and the wolf" in the gymnasium

The children's opera "papageno from vienna gave a guest performance at the walter schottky elementary school in pretzfeld with the musical march for children "peter and the wolf by sergei prokofiev.

It was composed as a concert horstuck for orchestra and narrator with the intention of introducing children to the instruments of the orchestra. "Doing it yourself instead of watching" was the motto of this workshop. In this way, the children became actors in the performance and were able to experience theater directly without inhibitions. In the guest performance, the schoolchildren themselves took on the roles of peter and the wolf. But also the bird, the duck, the cat and the hunters were played by the children.

All pupils were very enthusiastic and actively took part in the performance. The aim of the workshop was to give the children the smoothest possible, most enjoyable introduction to the world of classical music, to supplement their existing knowledge and experience, but also simply to encourage them to be creative. This was really successful! .

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