Rent a new ford mustang

The experience of driving a new 2015 Ford Mustang yourself is unique. The famous Pony Car is offered since 2015 in a new edition of Ford with strong engine power as a coupe and convertible. Its wild temperament, unbridled power and the bubbling of the engine make the American dream of freedom come true. Plus, the look of the new 2015 Ford Mustang is one of a kind and makes driving a Ford Mustang an experience. Here you can find pictures of the Ford Mustang 2015.

Now the Buchbinder car rental company has added the new Ford Mustang to its rental lineup. Thereby it is now possible to rent a new Ford Mustang easily and uncomplicatedly and to drive it cheaply over the weekend. The new Ford Mustang 2015 can be rented at the car rental Buchbinder already from 200 Euro incl. 300 free kilometers.

Driving a Ford Mustang

Whether you give away the ride, or use the new edition of the Mustang yourself for a weekend, you can decide for yourself. Offered the new 2015 Ford Mustang in the rental, mostly with the 2.3 liter engine and the 5.0 liter engine. Go on a day trip with the new Ford Mustang. Buchbinder car rental rents the new Ford Mustang like all the usual cars. So you have no problems with liability, you are insured in case of damage and you can rent the Mustang at almost all places in Germany without any problems. We recommend not renting the Ford Mustang in snowy or icy conditions, as the rear-wheel drive requires some driving experience. Included is, as with every rented car, a car insurance, the cleaning and a fully comprehensive insurance with a low deductible.

While some organizers rent out an old Ford Mustang with a rigid axle, which is no fun to drive, the car rental Buchbinder offers the Ford Mustang 2015, which was only delivered as a new car to Buchbinder at the beginning of 2016. Ford Mustang rental rates here are significantly cheaper than comparable operators. Because while some organizers buy the Ford Mustang only for the one rental from private, the car rental Buchbinder has bought itself ten Ford Mustang and can therefore also constantly have the cars at its disposal. Compare the rental prices of the Ford Mustang 2015 with all possible operators, you will quickly see for yourself that you can rent the car not only for a few hours, but per day or over the weekend. Even a long term rental of the new Ford Mustang for a week or several months is possible with special conditions.


Rent a new Ford Mustang

Rent a Ford Mustang on the cheap

Likewise, with Buchbinder car rental, there is no deposit to pay in cash and also the fully comprehensive insurance can be taken out so that you only have a small deductible when you rent the car. A price comparison carried out by us showed the Buchbinder car rental company as the cheapest Ford Mustang 2015 rental company on the day with 300 free kilometers.

How can I rent a new Ford Mustang?

Buchbinder car rental is currently expanding its new Buchbinder Premium Car website and therefore you can easily inquire about the Ford Mustang rental directly from Buchbinder car rental using the contact form below. The email goes directly to the bookbinder specialist for Ford Mustang. Make your non-binding inquiry now.

Rent a new Ford Mustang

Since the headquarters of Buchbinder Premium Cars rental is not far from Regensburg, we have already been able to talk to numerous tenants, here are their experiences:

Martin – Ford Mustang rent
The renting of the Ford Mustang worked out problem-free and the consumption of 11 liters was for the short time also no problem. Im glad to have rented a new 2015 Ford Mustang as it now has a multi-link rear suspension and the car is very easy and comfortable to drive.

Julia – Ford Mustang for rent
I gave the Ford Mustang to my boyfriend as a 25th birthday present. The car is really very temperamental, unbridled and simply a legend. Personally, I don't understand the hype, but when you drive around with it, you can already see the looks on people's faces on the road. The weekend was great and we will rent a Ford Mustang again next year.

Kim – Ford Mustang for rent
We rented a Ford Mustang GT Fastback. My dream and I believe for many an absolute man's dream. The more than 400 hp in the V8 are a real blast and because of the low deductible you don't have to worry in case of a claim. I found it super that you can now rent the Ford Mustang from a real car rental company. Find that somehow more serious than through a gift portal.

Andreas – Ford Mustang rent
I was offered two different Ford Mustang. Once a yellow one and once a neutral one. I first liked the neutral Ford Mustang in blue better and we rented that one. In the evening we changed our mind, went to Buchbinder and asked if we could rent the stickered Ford Mustang. The swap was smooth and we had a lot of fun.

Max – Ford Mustang rent
I come from Deggendorf and always wanted to drive a Mustang. And renting is simply cheaper than buying. Because for the everyday life I would rather like an economical car. But the weekend was bombastic cool and we drove to Regensburg to a Tuning Sunday. Was fun and you can see that the Mustang attracts people. Will rent the Ford Mustang again in Deggendorf.

Rent a new Ford Mustang

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