Neudrossenfelder praxis pramiert

Neudrossenfelder praxis pramiert

The "physiofit" practice in neudrossenfeld is now allowed to display the sign "bavaria barrier-free" beautiful. She received this award from the bavarian ministry of labor because she fulfilled the requirements for it in an exemplary manner.

The health care provider scored points with a barrier-free entrance, an elevator, wide doors for wheelchair users, a handicapped-accessible restroom and a sufficiently spacious treatment room. In addition, there are handicapped parking spaces right next to the practice and the bus stop is very close.

"I am pleased to be able to make a contribution to accessibility with my practice, i will put the sign up in the entrance area", said frank schulte. Mayor harald hubner called the facility patient-friendly: "in the future, we in the municipality will also take more care of accessibility and improve the paving in the town center. And we have requested a feasibility study from the government of upper franconia on this subject." hw

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