Legal advice

Legal advice

KSL Dusseldorf is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities get their rights. This is why a lawyer works at KSL Dusseldorf, as well as any other KSL in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Structural advice

We offer structural consultations with a legal focus. We support clubs, associations and self-help groups that deal with the topic of inclusion with legal issues. We answer specific legal questions. We keep an eye on changes in the law and monitor the effects on people with disabilities.

Individual advice

Individual consultations are carried out by all offices of the Erganzende unabhangige Teilhabeberatung (EUTB) (Supplementary Independent Participation Counseling). On the page www.participation counseling.Here you can find a counseling center near you. The EUTB provides support on all issues relating to rehabilitation and participation benefits (for example, on the severely disabled person's ID card, the personal budget, issues relating to housing, aids, care, the use of income and assets, and assistance).

The KoKoBes (coordination, contact and counseling centers) provide individual assistance mainly for adults with intellectual disabilities. The staff will answer your questions about living, work and leisure time.

The Competence Center Self-Determined Living (KSL) Dusseldorf offers individual consultations only in exceptional cases with special legal difficulties, for this the inquiries of counseling centers are to be mediated.

Lectures, workshops and trainings

In lectures, workshops and information events, we inform employees of counseling centers, advisors and representatives for the disabled, pilots and other interested parties about current legal topics. We inform about principles of the UN-BRK and about law changes. The importance of the human rights to participation is always in the foreground.

If you are interested in an event, please do not hesitate to contact us. Focal points, scope, date and location (online or face-to-face event) are arranged individually.

Testamentary protection of disabled children

Parents and relatives of disabled people would like to secure their disabled family members even beyond death. For this reason, KSL Dusseldorf works with an external specialist in disability law with a focus on inheritance law and offers events on this topic throughout the administrative district.
The lawyer gives tips on how to find concrete help for the benefit of the affected disabled person in the area of conflict between inheritance and social law. The basics of inheritance, social and tax law are dealt with, with a special focus on the situation of people with disabilities.

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