Lack of hygiene in hotels – what to do as a guest?

Lack of hygiene in hotels - What to do as a guest?

Guests are literally turning up at the hotel to clean the carpets. Not to mention lamp switches, buttons of a remote control, the bed and the floors. But a time window of at most a quarter to half an hour for cleaning leaves the chambermaids no chance at all for thoroughness. But what can guests do if hygiene deficiencies show up in the hotel and room?

Document recognized hygiene deficiencies

Minor hygiene deficiencies cannot be ruled out, especially in low-cost bookings. Although the guest is allowed to complain about this defect, he has to reckon with percentage deductions in the case of a refund. To prevent a dispute with the tour operator and hotel owner, discovered defects should be photographed. It makes sense to have witnesses confirm the deficient condition during the documentation process.

For example, in the case of hygiene deficiencies in the food area, it is not sufficient to report diarrhea to the doctor and then make the hotel responsible for it. Sufficient proof can only be obtained by taking samples of suspicious food and analyzing them in the laboratory. Which hygiene standards a hotel guest may expect at all depends on several factors, for example on the standards in the travel country or the star status of the respective hotel.

Immediately complain about dirty carpets and stained shower corners

Some carpeting in the lobby or hotel room resembles a globe of everything that falls out from under shoes like this. A guest in a room with such a floor may complain about this defect – but immediately when it is noticed. A complaint the very next day can lead to doubts. In addition, the probability increases that the overlooked carpet will be vacuumed again during the next cleaning round and the owner will then dispute the previous defect.

For hotel owners, professional carpet cleaning is recommended and should be performed at regular intervals. Here one should fall back on renowned companies and not try to save money, because nothing damages one's own image more than a lack of hygiene in the hotel rooms.

Of course, black or otherwise suspicious stains in the sanitary area are also subject to complaint. Mold on the shower curtain or in the tiles is not only a hygiene defect, but can have health-threatening consequences. Even in the cheapest hotel in the poorest country in the world, a guest may rightly rely on the fact that his vacation promotes his recovery and does not lead to health stress.

Last resort: The lawyer

With proof photos and witnesses many hotel guests have usually already luck with the tour operator. These attach importance to their reputation and offer compensation for hygiene defects. However, there are also providers who are not aware of any fault and declare the deficiencies as "acceptable". If this happens, the guest should hire a lawyer. Without this legal advice, prospects of compensation in court are almost nil.

Even then it is often word against photo or argument against experience. But doing nothing at all is also the wrong way. Because only if each hotel guest insists on its rights, hygiene deficiencies in hotels can be proven and at best eradicated by controls and conditions.


Hygiene deficiencies in hotels cannot be ruled out worldwide. The affected guest should prove the discovered defects, if possible with witnesses, and complain in any case. If all helps nothing, possibly a lawyer can help with the attainment of an appropriate compensation.

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