Fewer unemployed in the coburg region

As a result of the autumn recovery, unemployment in the coburg, kronach and lichtenfels region fell by 424 people from august to september. This means that 6048 people are unemployed in the region. The unemployment rate for the agency district is 4.1 percent.

Unemployment usually declines in september. Young people between the ages of 15 and 25 account for around one-third of this autumn upswing, as they are increasingly dropping out of unemployment, either to take up a course of schooling or to start a new job after completing their training.

Brigitte glos, head of the coburg employment agency, expects that the economic downturn will also affect our local labor market. "Unemployment rose only slightly compared to september 2011, at 2.5 percent, but the increase in unemployment in the SGB III sector, which is particularly sensitive to the economic situation, was ten percent." in three job centers, on the other hand, unemployment fell compared to the same month last year. Glos: "this explains the relatively small rise in overall unemployment."
In addition to the registered unemployed, the underemployment in the agency district includes a further 2279 people who are, for example, undergoing further training or part-time work for older employees. Compared with september 2011, underemployment fell by 2.6 percent.

Four percent fewer customers at the job center

the number of unemployed people supported by the job centers has fallen by 139 compared to august. In the agency district, 2955 people were registered as unemployed with the job centers in september. Unemployment in this sector has fallen by a good four percent over the year.

Compared to september 2011, the development of unemployment in the four job centers was quite different: in the job center coburg city, a decrease of eleven percent was recorded. At the kronach job center, the number of unemployed fell by 7.4 percent and at the lichtenfels job center by 5.3 percent.
In contrast, unemployment at the coburg land job center increased by 5.3 percent.

Demand for labor reflects weaker economy. Compared to september 2011, almost twelve percent fewer jobs subject to social security contributions are registered. In september of this year, the agency recorded 606 job offers.

Metalworkers and construction workers wanted

skilled workers are still being sought in the metalworking sector, and this also applies to the construction industry, although the end of the season is just around the corner. Obviously, the order situation still requires a high level of employment.
Logistics companies searched intensively for professional drivers in september. Filling vacancies is extremely difficult, especially in the long-distance transport sector, according to the labor market report.

The number of vacancies has increased by almost ten percent compared to september 2011. This means that employers take longer to fill a position, or that the unemployed spend more time looking for a new job.

The district of kronach has the lowest unemployment rate in the region at 3.8 percent. For the counties of coburg and lichtenfels, the rate is exactly the same this month: 3.9 percent. In the city of coburg, the unemployment rate this month is 5.5 percent.

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