Domestic violence – lawyer gramm from hanover

Even in a healthy partnership or marriage, disputes can arise that are basically legally irrelevant. If, however, a certain limit is exceeded, one speaks in practice of domestic violence. The violence takes place mainly against women, but also against children. Violence against men also occurs in social life.

What is domestic violence at all??

First of all, it is questionable what is to be understood as domestic violence at all. Does this mean only physical violence against a person?? The legislator has not included a definition in the law. Domestic violence takes many forms. For example, bodily injury according to § 223, § 224 StGB, deprivation of liberty according to § 239 StGB, coercion according to § 240 StGB, sexual coercion according to § 177 StGB or rape can constitute domestic violence. In some cases, there may also be a homicide (manslaughter/murder) of one of the strongest forms of domestic violence.

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New startup helps pet owners out of any jam

New startup helps pet owners out of any jam

With the establishment of the "Tier Helpline" is said to have taken an important step towards acute problem solving in the pet in Austria.

With the "Animal Helpline want to provide foundress Sandra Dorfner Rosel with its expert team for fast acute assistance with domestic animal owners. From baby dogs to budgies, every concerned pet owner can dial a value-added number quickly and unbureaucratically here and get competent advice. "We can schedule an appointment" should thus be a thing of the past if an event causes an immediate need for clarification.

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F for “bicycle lane” – what are motorists and cyclists allowed to do in a bicycle lane and what are they not allowed to do??

F for "bicycle lane" - What are motorists and cyclists allowed to do in a bicycle lane and what are they not allowed to do??

Opinions differ on the bicycle lane. Some are their fans, others are annoyed by them, some simply ignore them. In big cities, they have been shaping the traffic landscape for several years now. In Berlin alone, there are now (as of: 26. July 2022) 26 of them. And slowly they conquer also the province. In Rostock, for example, Lange Strabe, the only street through the center of Rostock after the transformation of Kropeliner Strabe into the first boulevard of the GDR in 1968, was recently redesignated as a bicycle street and is now heating up the minds of the old-timers' regulars' tables there.

Until now, motorists have been able to largely ignore cyclists. As long as they drove far to the right and overtaking was possible without having to slow down to the regular inner-city speed of 65 km/h, there were other things that stirred up the motorists' tempers. But the bicycle lane can no longer be ignored by the common car driver. Because in them the cyclists suddenly ride unheard of side by side. Where previously overtaking was still possible, at least at centimeter intervals, this is suddenly not possible at all. And the quite justified (s. u.) Feeling somehow wrong with a car in a bicycle lane further dulls the joy of driving a car.

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Best science universities in the uk

Studying science in any country is not a piece of cake. However, if you would like to study in Great Britain, you need to know the best. In this post, we bring you a list of the "Best Science Universities in the UK". We also look at why you should study science in the UK?, Science and technology in the UK, admission requirements and application to universities. Natural sciences in general are regarded by the world as a respected course of study. They have parents who want their children to be involved with science because of the respect it brings. However, it is no news that while science is honored around the world, some parts of the world teach it better. One of these countries is the United Kingdom. It's no news that universities in the UK are well resourced in terms of both academics and research. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge are known for being ahead of the world in terms of their approach to science education. In fact, we'll look at some of the reasons why many international students prefer to study science in the UK.

Why you should study science in the UK?

  1. Classrooms in the UK provide an opportunity for one-on-one teaching experiences. This offer applies to both domestic and international students, regardless of race or ethnicity.

2. Most of the science courses offered in the UK are recognized worldwide. Thus they are valid and appreciated everywhere in the world.

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Rent increase – what we can do for you as a tenant

Almost every tenant is confronted with rent increase requests during an ongoing tenancy relationship. Since a rental agreement is a continuing obligation, the legislator has laid down certain conditions if the landlord wishes to make a change in the agreement. These requirements are quite complex. Many rent increase requests of the landlord do not fulfill this, they are formally or contentwise incorrectly. It is therefore worthwhile for tenants to have a rent increase request checked in case of doubt. The Lamster Law Firm& Partner in Freiburg is happy to support you. A lawyer for rent law does not only examine the respective rent increase in the individual case. He will also advise you comprehensively on the subject of rent increases and, if necessary, will be able to take further legal steps to protect your interests against the landlord here.

Rent increase - what we can do for you as a tenant
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Divorce and pregnancy

There is now and then the situation of a pregnancy during an already pending divorce proceeding.

The wife becomes pregnant through another man than through the spouse.

Here is to distinguish. If the child is born before the divorce becomes final, the law stipulates that the child is to be considered a legitimate child, even if the divorce then becomes final. This means that the husband legally becomes the father of the child, he gets joint custody by law and becomes liable to pay child support. Under inheritance law, the husband and the child are considered relatives, so as long as there is no challenge, they are mutually entitled to inheritance.

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Lack of hygiene in hotels – what to do as a guest?

Lack of hygiene in hotels - What to do as a guest?

Guests are literally turning up at the hotel to clean the carpets. Not to mention lamp switches, buttons of a remote control, the bed and the floors. But a time window of at most a quarter to half an hour for cleaning leaves the chambermaids no chance at all for thoroughness. But what can guests do if hygiene deficiencies show up in the hotel and room?

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Guide for victims (in progress)

No one is prepared to be a victim of a crime. Whether it's a pickpocketing, aggravated assault or other crime, you're hurt or distraught by the crime and often don't know what to do afterwards. Here is an initial overview of where you can find help in this situation and what your rights are.

Who can help me?

Advice and help is offered by victim support organizations. The counseling centers are staffed by specially trained women and men who have a lot of experience with people in your situation and who want to listen to you and help you. Depending on the severity of the case, they can also arrange further help for you, z. B. psychological or therapeutic help.

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