Ft editor does the self-experiment: this is how the corona test went

Ft editor does the self-experiment: this is how the corona test went

Corona tests for everyone – and for free. This was announced by our bavarian minister-president two weeks ago. "Testing is the basic prerequisite for everything: to know who is infected, to identify chains of infection, and then ultimately to follow them up and break them.", markus soder explained the decision, for which the free state is making 272 million euros available. Those who get tested – even without symptoms – should get the results within a few days.

But this also works in the practice? I have made the self-experiment.

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Challenge: sustainability as a team task

Challenge: Sustainability as a team task

Anchoring sustainability in the advisory process for insurance and financial investments in a legally secure manner is not exactly trivial. Complicated legal texts, pending regulatory standards and lack of ESG information on products are among the biggest hurdles. At EU level, although guidance from the European insurance regulator EIOPA has been available for a few days, it comes late and is not binding.

Despite many question marks: Getting started is the order of the day. On the one hand, this is due to regulatory requirements. Twelve months after its publication, the "Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/1257" enters into force punctually on 02. August 2022 in effect. Among other things, it brings the obligation to query sustainability preferences – for product providers and intermediaries of insurance investment products of the third layer.

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Good times – bad times

Marriage-related benefits and their consequences in the event of divorce

Last at Christmas there were between married couples again more or less generous gifts. It is generally known that these gifts cannot be reclaimed, even if the marriage should fail at some point.

Read about how it is with asset transfers and community of gain in or. after a divorce behaves.

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Coverage for serious illnesses

Dread disease insurance, also known as sickness insurance, is a type of coverage that provides financial assistance in the event of a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. This type of insurance is especially important because Dread Diseases often come with high costs for treatments and care.

Alternative to BU

Dread disease (DD) insurance is often considered an alternative to disability insurance (DI) because it targets specific serious illnesses that can lead to permanent disability. In contrast, BU insurance covers a broader range of illnesses and injuries that can prevent a person from doing their job.

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Going to the doctor in sweden

It is easy to get enthusiastic about Sweden. It is an almost magically beautiful country that can be reached from the German-Danish border in only about four hours by car or by ferry in about seven hours by sea. The country is a good fifth larger than Germany, but is home to just under 10 million inhabitants. Sweden stretches 1572 kilometers from south to north.

Going to the doctor in Sweden

More than 220.000 islands are part of the Swedish coast on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In the country spread over 90.000 lakes and in northern Sweden, above the Arctic Circle, the sun either never fully rises or never fully sets for half a year at a time. Sweden is not simply geographically fantastic, however. The parliamentary kingdom (seat of government: Stockholm) is so popular with its inhabitants that it regularly ranks among the top ten of more than 150 countries in the satisfaction index compiled annually by the UN. Around 7 million tourists and business travelers find their way to Sweden in a year to spend their vacations or to do trade. It is not out of the question that someone falls ill or suffers a minor or major accident.

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“Wait a minute, who stole my maple syrup??”

"Wait a minute, who stole my maple syrup??"

After German manner, four hours before departure at the airport been … the flight I then somehow still almost missed. Attentive readers will now immediately notice: Time management is in my blood!

11:50 noon, but now in Canadian time: Arrival at Pearson International Airport, Toronto (Ontario)

I had made it onto the plane after all. Unfortunately, my travel partner could not claim that: Due to minimal problems at the check-in, she was not allowed on board! So I was on my own for the time being, with a lot of luggage, but without any information about the booked accommodation. So far everything went as planned!

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Rental deposit insurance in 5 steps: how easy it is to secure your rental deposit

Rent deposit without deposit: How to find the right alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to rent deposits and want to take out rent deposit insurance, you should follow these steps:

  1. Determine your needs: Consider how much the rent deposit would be and what monthly installments you can pay for rent deposit insurance.
  2. Compare offers: Inform yourself with different providers about the conditions, services and costs. Please note if there is a deductible and if there is a minimum contract period.
  3. Check the terms of the contract: Make sure that the terms and conditions of the rental deposit insurance policy meet your individual needs and, for example, also guarantee a quick settlement of claims.
  4. Check creditworthiness: Some providers conduct a credit check to determine the amount of the insurance premium. You should inform yourself in advance about your creditworthiness in order to avoid possible problems.
  5. Seek professional advice: If you are unsure which rental deposit insurance is right for you, you should seek professional advice. Independent insurance advisors or your landlord can help you to solve possible problems when taking out the insurance.

What are rental security deposits?

Rental deposit insurance is insurance that helps the tenant pay the deposit without having to come up with a large sum at once. You sign a contract with the insurance company and then pay monthly installments instead of paying the full amount. The insurance company pays the security deposit directly to the landlord.

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Tips for drivers at carnival

Tips for drivers at carnival

The way from Alaaf and Helau to Autsch can be short. In order to stay safe on the road during the foolish days, fools should consistently follow the rules.

Erfurt/Munich – no other Dino between Munich and Mainz Gonsenheim looks more originally in its rubber costume than you? Quite excellent. With it you stand with the parties with the carnival, Karneval or in the Fastnacht certainly in the center.

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