Car insurance without schufa query- what options do you have?

Motor vehicle insurance is a legal requirement for all road users who participate in road traffic with a car, a moped, a motorcycle or a quad bike. Thereby, the motor vehicle insurance is a generic term for the motor vehicle liability insurance, the partial and fully comprehensive insurance and other optional car insurances. Besides the benefits of the insurance for motorized vehicles, the main difference between the motor vehicle liability insurance and the partial and fully comprehensive insurances lies in the voluntariness. The motor vehicle liability insurance, hereinafter also referred to as motor vehicle insurance or car insurance, is a legally required insurance without which no motorized vehicle may participate in public road traffic. Whereas partial and comprehensive insurance, as well as other auto insurance, are purely voluntary policies.

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And exactly here many drivers are unsettled, if you would like to change or again lock your Kfz insurance and have a negative Schufa. A car insurance without Schufa query? Does it exist at all? And if there is no such thing, how can I get a cheap car insurance even with negative Schufa? has compiled all the important information for you. With our tips on car insurance without Schufa query, you can compare around 300 rates, save up to 850-, euros and possibly even take advantage of the monthly payment method.

What benefits are offered by the motor vehicle liability insurance?

Motor vehicle liability insurance provides protection against third-party claims and covers the cost of damage to the car, the cost of other property damage and the cost of personal injuries. Damages to the vehicle include repair costs, expert's fees, depreciation, replacement value in case of total loss and lawyer's fees. The cost of other property damage includes, among other things, damage to traffic facilities and damage to buildings. In the case of liability for bodily injury, car insurance covers the costs of loss of earnings, pays compensation for pain and suffering in the event of particularly severe impairment or a lifelong pension and, in the event of death, the costs of burial and maintenance for surviving dependants. The legislator would like to protect thereby both the policyholder and involved ones of an accident. The policyholder can not pay 99% of these costs out of pocket and the injured party should not be left sitting on his costs. With this, the car insurance covers the most important damage cases.

The legal minimum sums insured of a car insurance

The statutory minimum insurance sum determines the amount up to which the insurer must cover the cost of damages. The legislator has specified here:

– 7.5 million euros for personal injury
– up to l 1.12 million euros for property damage
– 50.000 euros for financial losses

Normally, however, the insurance companies advise to increase the coverage amounts. A guideline value here is up to 100 million. Since the insurance premiums differ only insignificantly, you should accept this, because so you are insured for almost every emergency in the best way. But is that also the case with car insurance despite Schufa?

No, because if you have a negative Schufa, insurers will only offer you the minimum sums insured and refuse to increase them. Since the car insurance is a compulsory insurance, some insurer must accept you if you own and drive a car despite negative Schufa. In order to minimize the risk of default, the insurance companies limit the sums insured and offer only the statutory minimum sum insured.

Comprehensive insurances in case of missing creditworthiness

The situation is different for comprehensive insurance policies. The partial cover insurance and the fully comprehensive insurance are voluntary car insurances. No insurance company must insure you thus with missing creditworthiness in this regard. If your credit rating is not sufficient, your request for one of the two comprehensive insurance policies will usually be rejected. If your Schufa score is not quite so negative, however, there is a chance that you can come to an agreement with the insurance company regarding comprehensive insurance by offering the annual prepayment. If the insurance company does not consider your creditworthiness to be trustworthy enough, you will unfortunately not be able to take out comprehensive insurance.

Insurance companies may also refuse additional services, for example, the so-called "Mallorca policy", which covers damage abroad and can be important if you drive your car abroad every year. But even special conditions are not granted if the credit rating is not sufficient.

In exceptional cases, the insurer may even refuse an application for motor vehicle insurance altogether:

– in the event of insolvency on the part of the policyholder
– when the policyholder submits an affidavit (oath of disclosure)
– the policyholder has already been terminated in the past

Even with negative Schufa with the car insurance comparison save money

Do not be unsettled, especially with a negative Schufa information. On the one hand, car insurance is a compulsory insurance, on the other hand the market is highly competitive. They will certainly try to find a solution to your problem. Often a personal and honest conversation can help. If you have a negative Schufa, call the insurance company personally and explain your situation and how you can pay the insurance premiums. A negative Schufa does not always mean unemployment or living at subsistence level. Provide proof if necessary, for example bank statements or other collateral.
Use the motor vehicle insurance comparison in advance and have the cheapest motor vehicle insurers displayed. So you already make a preselection and can already fill out the application online. You have to agree to a credit report anyway, because without it your application will not be processed. If you do not receive an immediate rejection, have the documents sent to you and check which conditions are offered to you.

You can save several hundred euros a year with an insurance comparison for car insurance even with a negative credit rating.

Attention notice period!

Finally, here's a tip about the cancellation period. If you've had your car insurance in the drawer for years, you may not remember that you can only ever cancel car insurance at the end of the year. You need to be aware of the four-week notice period that you need to adhere to. If you want to change your car insurance, cancel in time for the 30.11., so that you can be found on 31.12. from your contract. If you miss this deadline, the car insurance is automatically renewed for another year and you can only cancel again towards the end of the next year. It is best to send the letter of termination by registered mail so that you can prove that the termination was made on time at any time. The date of receipt of the letter by the insurance company applies, not the date of dispatch. Your notice of cancellation must therefore be received by the 30th day of the month at the latest.11. be delivered every year. And do not forget the annual online rate comparison, because the premiums for car insurance vary, so you can always find a cheaper insurer. Even with a negative Schufa.

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