Bridal money ? How much money to give as a wedding present?

Bridal money ? How much money to give as a wedding present?

How much money do you actually give as a wedding gift? After all, this is the most important day of your friends or acquaintances. There one would like nevertheless finally not negatively notice, only because one gave something wrong and/or too little, or? But do not worry, here you will find an overview of the appropriate amounts which should be given as a wedding gift.

How much money to give as a wedding present?

Over the years, some guidelines have emerged, which represent the average of the appropriate amount which should be given to the bride and groom. Here, however, it differs how well one knows the persons.

  • If the bride and groom are family, most people give between 70-150€ per person as a wedding gift.
  • If it concerns good acquaintances and friends, then 50-100€ per person are appropriate.
  • If it concerns acquaintances, with whom one is not so thick friends, then most pay between 30-50€.

Also, the amount of money you give to the bride and groom depends on the situation. Every bride and groom will understand if you z.B you are a student and don't have that much budget at your disposal.

If the wedding is abroad and you have to pay for the travel costs yourself, you can give a little less without a guilty conscience.

How much money to give for a wedding when you come with children?

If you come with the family and also with children, there is a very simple calculation. For children, you should give half of the amount, which you give yourself. Since children do not eat so much and have no other demands, it would be a bit too much to pay the same amount as for an adult.

Of course, everyone can give as much as they like. The more the better, at least for the bride and groom. Only less like the prices shown here is a no-go. This will not go down well with anyone and certainly not with the bridal couple. You want to support them after all, or? And you can also eat and drink until you drop. A financial support at the wedding is therefore the least you should do.

Bridal money ? How much money to give as a wedding present?

Do you have to give money at a wedding?

It is not a must to give money to the bride and groom. No one will force you to pay a certain amount at the entrance. Since a wedding costs however enormous amounts of money it is a nice gesture, which helps the bride and groom financially very much further.

But not only that, with the gift you also show that you respect the people. The monetary donations at a wedding also serve to ensure that the bride and groom get off to a good start in their new life. There will be big changes with the wedding. Not seldom it does not last long until also still new generation comes in addition.

Give a gift or money for the wedding?

Money is always welcome and the bride and groom will thank you for it. But many also give a gift and in return a smaller amount of money. This is also quite possible.

As a suitable wedding gift, decorative items or even kitchen utensils or appliances are always very well received. Especially if the bride and groom plan to move into a shared apartment or to build / buy a house. However, one should not rely on a single gift for the wedding. It is always better to give a small amount of money in addition to the entry fee.

How much money to give for the wedding

In the end it is of course up to you. Decide for yourself how much you want to give or can give. I personally gave my best friend 200€ for the wedding, an amount which was appropriate in my eyes. The bride and groom thanked me anyway.

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