The first time as defendant(s) in court

The first time as defendant(s) in court

You have received a summons from the criminal court and now have to attend a court hearing for the first time as the defendant(s)? Now you ask yourself: What may and what do I have to take to the hearing?? What do I have to say? Do I have to say anything at all in court? What to wear?

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Challenge: sustainability as a team task

Challenge: Sustainability as a team task

Anchoring sustainability in the advisory process for insurance and financial investments in a legally secure manner is not exactly trivial. Complicated legal texts, pending regulatory standards and lack of ESG information on products are among the biggest hurdles. At EU level, although guidance from the European insurance regulator EIOPA has been available for a few days, it comes late and is not binding.

Despite many question marks: Getting started is the order of the day. On the one hand, this is due to regulatory requirements. Twelve months after its publication, the "Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/1257" enters into force punctually on 02. August 2022 in effect. Among other things, it brings the obligation to query sustainability preferences – for product providers and intermediaries of insurance investment products of the third layer.

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Svb: too early for end of interest rate increases ?

Josef Pschorn and Philipp Graxenberger from XAIA Investment deal very intensively with the international credit markets and comment for us below on the current events surrounding Silicon Valley Bank.

SVB: Too early for end of interest rate increases ?

The bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank

Just three months ago, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was the sixteenth largest bank in the United States. Last Friday, the U.S. bank, which specializes in startups, was closed and placed under government control. On 8. On March 3, the U.S. credit institution announced that it had sold a portfolio of U.S. government bonds and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) at a loss of USD 1.8 billion and intended to strengthen its balance sheet with an emergency capital increase of USD 2.25 billion. The following day, customers withdrew $42 billion in deposits – more than a quarter of total deposits. As a result, the institution could no longer maintain its business operations and had to be closed due to the threat of insolvency and imminent liquidity problems.

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Good times – bad times

Marriage-related benefits and their consequences in the event of divorce

Last at Christmas there were between married couples again more or less generous gifts. It is generally known that these gifts cannot be reclaimed, even if the marriage should fail at some point.

Read about how it is with asset transfers and community of gain in or. after a divorce behaves.

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Deducting business meals

Deducting business meals | Tips and hints

A job interview in a restaurant? Contract negotiations over pizza and red wine? It's not unusual: Many self-employed people, employers and executives choose a nice restaurant as a place to establish new professional partnerships or discuss contractual details. Is the reason for the meeting or. if the meal is really business related, you can deduct a part of the costs for tax purposes. But strict rules apply here, otherwise the tax office will not recognize the expenses as income-related expenses or business expenses. What you have to pay attention to if you want to deduct your business meal, you will learn in our blog post.

Strict rules for entertainment expenses

Since people also like to talk about private matters at a business lunch, the professional and private reasons are often mixed up. In order to be able to set very clear limits here, and since this circumstance can also be abused in order to benefit from tax breaks for a private meal, the tax offices take a very strict and thorough approach to the audit. So if you want to deduct such operating expenses, you should be very conscientious and meet your burden of proof.

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Suspension of driving license due to drugs: what are the penalties for drugged driving??

Anyone who gets behind the wheel should be sober. In the interest of his own safety and that of others. So he should not be under the influence of drugs. But even if everything goes just fine in traffic: Drinking or intoxicated drivers face serious consequences for their driver's license and driving privileges.

1. Difference between suspension of driving license and driving ban

It does not matter whether a driver is "only" banned from driving or whether his driver's license is revoked altogether: From now on, he must leave his vehicle at home. However, the withdrawal of the driver's license has much more serious consequences.

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