A lot of movement in the spring of the storks

A lot of movement in the spring of the storks

Bernhard panzer springtime – stork season. Now they are flying over the roofs of the city again, ten individual birds are said to be there at the moment, they are already nesting in three places. This year, as in previous years, master adebar has adopted herzogenaurach as a popular stork town.

And yet something is different this year. It is the roof of the castle that has changed. That was specially prepared to scare away the storks. Because now the rough construction site around the town hall begins. And that it is simply too dangerous for the breeding coarse bird.

That's how it was at the beginning, but the stork didn't care about it. He didn't give a damn about the so-called vergramming decrees. A male stork, as yet unringed and unknown, was working diligently on a chimney on the castle roof, despite obstructive steel structures in the shape of a pyramid, and was building the nest together with a female stork. The reaction of the city: this year they will still allow it. But next year, when the big cranes come, that must stop.

Schuler observe

Then all the castle storks, and the others too, will be able to use the four nests that have been erected just a flap of the wing away on two roofs of the carlplatz school. Basically, the number of nesting places has been increased even more. Only the habitual animals must accept the offer halt also.

Monika preinl, the city's environmental officer, has already received feedback on this. "The schoolchildren are keeping a close eye on what's going on", she says. On the very first day, after the nests were in place, there was a report that a stork was actually carrying material to build the nest. Nevertheless: so right bustle one misses there still. "We have to wait", says preinl. "There is still room for development."

Females are well-founded again

In the meantime, heinz czellnik, the animal photographer from herzogenaurach and a true expert on the local storks, has identified the breeding pair on the roof of the castle. The female is well known, she has been in herzogenaurach since 2011. Czellnik recognizes this by the number A5770 of the ringed bird. According to czellnik, it was the partner of the herzogenaurach "primordial stork" until 2017, which was the first to reestablish itself on the aurach in 2010, but unfortunately died a few weeks ago. The female is now nesting with another male, apparently very ambitiously. "They have not been deterred by the pyramid. They built up until this disappeared", says the man from herzogenaurach.

Another "brooding nest" he has identified in the city area, namely on the beyschlag's pharmacy. In addition, there are efforts on the "kuwe chimney," which was the first and on the roof of the heller brewery. But there are probably still territorial fights going on there at the moment.

But czellnik has also observed one thing: storks standing on the castle roof, mourning lost nesting opportunities. They are just creatures of habit, the storks. An offer the city has made you druben on the school roof. You just have to accept it now.

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